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to forget Djerba, Djerba to be reborn: the myth of Djerba .

We start from a distance, we start with the myth.

Lotophagitis is the name under which the island was in ancient onosciuta c; Djerba is an island where, in the Odyssey, Odysseus and his companions meet the people of the Lotus Eaters. Some of the companions of Ulysses, imitating the locals, eat of the lotus flower and lose memory of their past life.

So while Ulysses returns to the ships concerned to spread quickly, from the performance of the tasks remaining on the island signs fade away anxieties and worries, and thoughts on the future of loved ones who of responsibility.

Djerba forget e.

For the ancient Egyptians the lotus was a symbol of rebirth, resurrection, light, hope and salvation. That's why it appears in many scenes of ceremonies and the gesture of the hand the lotus was a sacred gesture. The scent of lotus in aspiring combine the pleasure and magic of rebirth. The sun god is born because eight fruitful not the flower primordial. The flowers of lotus growing out of the water, open their petals in the morning and close them at night and perhaps this is what inspired the myth of the lotus primordial primordial waters from which, as a cradle, the sun rises every morning .

Djerba to be reborn.

If we think of our lives, it is easy for us to be reminded of the fight against you m bit to keep us in the the largest number of commitments possible, the sense of guilt for having neglected something or someone, the thought that we could have done more and better or otherwise, the constant feeling of being made for something else, always quicker responses to stimuli if we mpre most pressing, accompanied from a noisy background thought: "before I finish what I'm doing and then I relax."

ch Since there is always something to do that before then, there really relax ever and even if we grant that we feel as a well-deserved rest, often turns into boredom and Monday arrives with his family the burden of commitments to lift us from the still heavier burden of re Poso.

Then, suddenly, something good happens to us: our senses are affected to the point that our mind forgets and we are reborn in a different dimension where we feel at home. beauty will save: forget and be born: that is the myth of Djerba?

Djerba la dolce

A panoramic view of the island: the landscape, vegetation and cities.

Djerba the sweet, pearl of the Mediterranean island of oblivion, an oasis of peace, a land of dreams, these are some ap by Pellat in recognizing the charm of this island, which in from Ulysses and his comrades, has always attracted those who decide to visit.

will be for the beauty of the landscape, with its long beaches of fine white sand, it will be for the dunes and palm trees that speak of Africa and the desert and set it apart from the many islands of the Mediterranean, will be for the blue sea and clear sky that stands out from the white houses and the highlights will be the hospitality of the inhabitants, the food tasty, for its rich history of myth and charm that shines through the stories of the sailors when they talk Odysseus, Calypso and the pirate Dragut: one thing is certain: this is an island that enchants.

Djerba, we can write also Jerba, an island of 614 square km flat opposite the southern coast of Tunisia, not far from the border with Libya. And 't connect to the mainland by a Roman bridge to the south-east along 6 km. It has more than 145,000 inhabitants, p er mostly of Berber origin.

Houmt-Souk, which means the market with a population of 45,000 people, is now the island's capital and one of the most picturesque cities of Tunisia. It 's a bright and well kept city that grows around the area of \u200b\u200bthe souk where you can find an impressive variety and quantity of local crafts: traditional clothes, blankets made as at the time of Hannibal, gold and silver jewelry from handcrafted, leather goods, straw mats, ceramics and terracotta.

two places in the city that are definitely worth a visit: the museum of folklore and folk art, where they performed traditional costumes and jewelry, and the fort's toric Borj el-Kebir, a Moorish citadel of the fifteenth century. In this part of the pirate Dragut surprised the English fleet in 1560 and defeated. Many tourists are impressed by the plaque commemorating the Luo go where stood the tower of heads or Bordj-er-Rious, a pyramid built by the Turks with the skulls of the 5,000 Spaniards killed in battle. The macabre monument remained on site until the mid-nineteenth century, when the bones were moved to the Christian cemetery of Houmt-Souk.

Apart from the capital, which remains difficult to match, every other town on the island is known for some special handicraft production or because it is a place of historical importance. Ajiim, which is connected by a ferry to the mainland, is famous for its sponge fishing;

El-May has a market full of colors; Fatou is to produce fine hand-woven baskets; Guellala is a center of artisan production of pottery and porcelain since the days of King Midas, The Ghirba is known for its synagogue, one of the oldest and famous around the world and the monastery attached to the whose foundations were laid in 584 BC synagogue and monastery on the island are evidence of the presence of a Jewish minority that lived for centuries or even millennia. Mahbounine is famous for its gardens; Midoun is famous for the dances and Gougou Sedouikech is known for its camel muzzles handmade fishing baskets and straw hats.


Djerba Island is known as the Sweet, a nickname that derives from the sweetness of its legendary climate, is an oasis of Peace with long golden beaches, beautiful sea and palm trees dotted the dunes.

considered the pearl of the Mediterranean Sea for its fine sandy beaches, crystal clear water, climate, palm trees as well as for the hospitality of the people, Djerba is one of the entertainment, holiday and resort hotel more popular in the Mediterranean.

The island of Djerba attracts, without doubt, for its rich history of myth and fascination: the names of Ulysses, Calypso, Dragut of the Corsair, occur frequently in the stories of old sailors.

Djerba is also the starting point for touring the South Tunisia: the spectacular dunes in the area of \u200b\u200bDouz, the oasis, the palm groves of Tozeur and Nefta.

The kitchen Djerba

staples of the cuisine of Tunisia are the lamb and fish, as well as the famous "couscous" semolina , which is accompanied to every kind of dish. Among the starters, the "brick", made with a pastry particular ol'insalata "mechoui" with tomatoes and peppers.

Typical also "chachouka" with vegetables and egg with the "tajine" soufflé with meat, cheese, vegetables. Among the spices, some are very fragrant, like cumin or harissa sauce, very spicy, made with chili. The fruit is good, great dates that are a specialty, sweet desserts. Good wine of Cap Bon, especially white. Is the traditional drink mint tea and coffee, often served in Turkish.

crafts and shopping in Djerba

The Tunisian Crafts offers tourists on holiday in Djerba beautiful carpets, traditional costumes (gandoura, djellaba, burnous) in cotton and Silk, also embroidered in silver jewelry and semiprecious stones, coral, traditional Berber objects, objects in copper, brass, terracotta vases, ornaments and wood working tools, leather bags, slippers.

A holiday in Djerba means rest and tranquility, sea \u200b\u200blife on the long and beautiful beaches of fine white sand, swimming in warm waters. But visits to ancient ruins and shopping in traditional markets of the cities in search of wonderful crafts!

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